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Reliving the nuances of your experiences is something that is SO important. The pulling of heartstrings and the impact of unshakeable words shared on your special day. You should be able to relive the atmosphere & spirit of your love for years beyond. All of this, while having a little fun, too!

My name's Katie. I am a videographer based in Missouri who simply loves love. I serve couples who share authentic passion and have a sweet story to tell. There is nothing that gets me invested in a story more than raw emotion and love without condition. All of the noble aspects that come with a true story - beautiful, or stricken with obstacle - I love too. Vibe Visuals is focused on capturing your moments in an intimate, intentional film. As your love has so beautifully and wonderingly grown, so will the legacy that these memories have. 


My goal is to act as a guest, hanging out with you, your friends, employees, colleagues, family, etc., while documenting your remarkable moments.


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We're A Good Fit If You...

+  Enjoy being outwardly intimate/romantic and love a good time
+ Love the non-traditional
+  Find healing in Mother Nature and love all beings
+ Want your wedding to be a bonding & ethereal experience for all loved ones
+ Your wedding film is a top priority
+  Are looking for a wedding film crafted to tell your story with elements of metaphor, magic, & fun
If you identify with any of these, contact me and we can create together!

ethereal moments, authentic storytelling

Our motto stands true throughout the Vibe Visuals collective. We mean it when we say that your moments are ethereal, and we intend to help you tell them authentically.

The "in-between moments" is what we like to say. The moments that slip by seemingly indistinguishable and insignificant, but the moments that become the ones you didn’t know you missed most  - those are the precious bits of time we want you to have.

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