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ethereal moments, authentic storytelling

about me

My name's Katie. I am a videographer based in Missouri who loves love. I serve Midwest couples who share authentic love and have a sweet story to tell. There is nothing that gets me invested in a story more than authentic emotion and love without condition. All of the noble aspects that come with a true love story, I love too. Vibe Visuals is focused on capturing your moments in a personalized, intentional film. My focus is wedding & event videography.

Reliving the nuances of an event that was impactful or pulled heartstrings is something that is SO important to me. Film is the BEST medium to deliver those memories. You hear voices- you see emotions. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a film is worth a million.


I wanted a name that would capture my business philosophy, and your "vibe" is what I strive to portray. I want clients to be able to relive the atmosphere & nuance of the event when they see the finished product. I want to pull a few heart strings and create the film you've always envisioned & can look at with true admiration for years to come! 

My goal is to act as a guest, hanging out with you, your friends, employees, colleagues, family, etc., while documenting your remarkable moments.