Who Is Vibe Visuals?

LET ME TELL YOU a little about Vibe Visuals.

My name's Katie. I am the owner & sole videographer. The only simple way to express my “why” is that I love love. Before you scroll past, please, let me elaborate. It took many years of internal reworking to recognize how much I didn’t know about what real love looked like and how it functioned. I now understand and deeply value these few things.

Truth - hearing someone’s truth is fucking beautiful. The raw realities that we can’t imagine until someone spills their heart song are melodies worth hearing. Souls who have the courage and knowing to be vulnerable and resilient in the face of judgement for their story - YOU ARE LOVED! - and please, let me help you tell your story! Hah!

Reflection/Observation - hindsight is 20/20, and this human world is imperfect - facts. So I leave you with a quote that embodies this value : “HOW BEAUTIFULLY YOU ARE LEARNING THE ART OF SURRENDER, THE COURAGE TO LET GO, IN THE WILD OF YOUR UNKNOWNS” - MORGAN HARPER NICHOLS

Love - I had to, okay. Love fills the dark spaces and allows us to simply BE, without expectation. Love smoothes edges and invites you to be friends. Love is the falling of breath and weight out of your precious lungs. Love is peaceful words laid down upon fiery depths. And you have all of this and more, right there within you.

I serve Midwest couples who share authentic passion and have a sweet story to tell. There is nothing that gets me invested in a story more than raw emotion and love without condition. All of the noble aspects that come with a true story - beautiful, or stricken with obstacle - I love too. Vibe Visuals is focused on capturing your moments in a personalized, intentional film. As your love has so beautifully and wonderingly grown, so will the impact that these memories have.

A huge and sincere THANK YOU to @katfourphoto for this branding session - you are incredible. Additionally, @missouriwomensbusinesscenter for sharing this giveaway - it was just what I needed during this slow down for many businesses, including Vibe Visuals.


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