Focuses In The Coming Year

Hello 🌿 I’m Katie, owner & videographer at Vibe Visuals. As an alternate to explaining who I am, I thought I’d tell you a few of the projects I have been focusing on over the past year.

1.) The Art Of Storytelling • have you ever felt like someone just didn’t understand you because they lacked the context of your stories? Those little intricacies that only you would know. Decisions you made that were misconstrued by others because they didn’t know your intention. Many times we think of storytelling as a theatrical and embellished rendition of the truth, but it doesn’t have to be. Lenses will always exist, and storytelling is the art of putting on someone else’s glasses.

2.) Fake It Until You Make It • True confidence comes in waves & I’m convinced that if you’re not feeling imposter syndrome every now and again, you’re doing it wrong. Mainly, recognizing that we are whole and deserving without ever having to produce, work, change, or be anything to anyone. Confidence isn’t some trait you end up possessing after years of education or some version of popularity- confidence is the unfettered knowing that you are and always were whole. From the day you arrived on this human planet.

3.) Slowing the F Down • Thinking I already lived a very moderately paced, intentional life was laughable after having my daughter last December. Your soul quickly gives way to these deep knowings - what you can hold space for and what you can’t, how to prioritize what really matters and what doesn’t (when you used to believe to the core that it did), how to honor and revel in this wild fucking ride the universe has mysteriously and so beautifully given us, and recognizing that even the present moment hardly exists, so make it count.

I am so excited for the next decade. Humans are doing cool things and society is coming to awareness. I’d love you chat with you about all of the other projects I have been working on this year, and I’d love to hear yours. Send me a message or comment below your projects, thoughts, and wishes in the coming year ❤️

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